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Ctconnect A rich system, allows citizens to report issues to their local authorities, and authorities – to manage these issues for citizens’ satisfaction. Main website consists of a citizens’ aprt, allowing to submit an issue and track it, and a rich authorities part, allowing to manage issues opened by citizens; manage citizens; manage their subscriptions, messages, alerts and notifications; manage staff members and their permissions; and many many more. Android and Iphone applications provide direct access to all the above features from user’s (citizen or authority staff) mobile phone. Desktop notification app provides access for a notification sent to the staff member, at any time. WordPress authority websites play representational role.


Sublet Website for subletting apartments and offering/finding jobs. A long-term project we are taking care of. Started as a Paypal integration request, later was taken completely under Orijinn responsibility. Since then, it was fully rewritten and significantly enriched. Has a rich admin part, allowing to add/remove cities, configure options for which city, view statistics and manage apartments and jobs posted.


From Tali A place where you can buy products from local farmers in your area. Grown from a simple spreadsheet sent by email to a fully-functional e-shop, this website is one of our long-term project. In 2015, it was fully rewritten to have modern look and feel; at the same time, connection to Comax API was introduced. The website has rich admin part, allowing From Tali company to maintain all the orders. Has interfaces for administrator, catalog manager, packaging crew, couriers, etc. Show real-time statistics, sends daily, weekly and monthly reports. Provides an interface to send daily mail to the customers.


Ctconnect Mobile Applications

Applications for authorities and local counsils, made for Ctconnect LTD. Can be found in Google Play / App Store by Ctconnect releaser. Work with as a backend. Inside, all the applications are compiled from a single codebase by a robust system made by us, which utilizes the power or React Native to create different apps from the same code. The apps differ in logos, colors and images, as well as in menu types (Drawer vs Top/Bottom navigation), pages and other features. Features RTC video communication, close work with JS-powered web pages on the main website, including messaging API, and more. Aside stays the app for Jerusalem, since this client wanted something quite different, mainly in terms of icons and a connection to their city-wise GIS system. The Jerusalem 106 app is based on the same sources, but is a standalone fork. Its screenshots are the last ones, in blue.  


Vimaku Vimaku is a video creation platform allowing companies to manually and automatically produce many types of videos based on templates. The platform allows to select templates, customizes the pictures, text and music, as well providing API’s and tools to auto generate video content, manage the videos produced, re-edit and update them as well as sending previews to others for review and comments.