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Ctconnect Mobile Applications

Applications for authorities and local counsils, made for Ctconnect LTD. Can be found in Google Play / App Store by Ctconnect releaser. Work with as a backend. Inside, all the applications are compiled from a single codebase by a robust system made by us, which utilizes the power or React Native to create different apps from the same code. The apps differ in logos, colors and images, as well as in menu types (Drawer vs Top/Bottom navigation), pages and other features. Features RTC video communication, close work with JS-powered web pages on the main website, including messaging API, and more. Aside stays the app for Jerusalem, since this client wanted something quite different, mainly in terms of icons and a connection to their city-wise GIS system. The Jerusalem 106 app is based on the same sources, but is a standalone fork. Its screenshots are the last ones, in blue.  


Yoga Arava

Yoga Arava Festival Website for an annual Israeli Yoga Festival: representational part ticketing rich admin part, allowing to configure the previous two and also serving Ticketing Center Started from a ticketing task. At some point all the website was taken by Orijinn and then the representational part was rewritten to give the ability to configure it from the admin. System sells tickets for a festival taking part in several places, where each places has its own prices and setups, which makes creating the order a non-trivial task. In addition, order consists of several parts, each of which may be omitted. Rich admin part provides also full statistics overview, real-time dashboard and reports of any kind.