When your Google Tasks are gone…

One may call me addicted or whatever, but I use many Google Services, and use them a lot.
Orijinn’s calendar contains all my ongoing projects, planning what I do and when, and Tasks. In other words, there’s all my work data.
So you can imagine, what did I feel yesterday, when the Tasks panel has suddenly gone!

Digging Google (the search, I mean..) shows there are tons complaints on the net, starting from several months ago, and tons of solutions, which do not work.
To save your time: the problem is still unknown to Google, but it seems to pop up only on Non-english interfaces.
Now, the catch is that the fact your Calendar is in English does not say your interface is (WAT?).

To solve this somewhat weird issue:
1. Goto your Calendar settings and ensure the language is set to English
2. Goto to here: http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=EN (being logged in) and set the first option to be English.
3. Refresh the calendar and enjoy your tasks panel.

Actually, I’m rather mad on Google for changing my language preferences all the time.. But well, everything cannot be ideal 🙂